Preschool Classroom and Curriculum

gardenPacific Preschool offers each child the opportunity for maximum social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth, providing a rich environment wherein children experience success, practice independence and develop confidence and self-esteem. Children, guided by their teachers, explore reading readiness activities, counting, shapes, colors, and nature using concrete manipulative materials, while music, movement, story telling, and crafts bring the children together for positive group experiences. The curriculum stimulates each child's curiosity and enthusiasm and sustains a love of learning.

Daily Schedule

Greeting at the Door
Children are individually greeted at the door and helped to settle in for morning
circle. We ask parents to help make the transition from home to school as easy as possible for their children by making goodbyes brief. Assure your child that you will return soon.

Morning Circle
At circle time, we gather as a group. We talk about the calendar, learning the days of the week and the names of the months. We take notice of the weather. The teachers use circle time to introduce new concepts, vocabulary and materials. Children are encouraged to participate fully. Music is a key part
of circle time; the children learn many songs and fingerplays. We also enjoy movement activities for body awareness and muscle development.

Work Time
This time is the important core of the preschool day. The children choose activities from the shelves and work individually or in small groups. The teachers help children find activites and present lessons demonstrating the use of classroom materials. Children are introduced to work with numbers and letters. The children may choose manipulative materials from any of the following areas: animals, art, mathematics, and music, plants, practical life, reading, science, and sensorial development.

Children take turns as snack helpers, setting the tables and serving the food. After eating, the children clear their own places.

Outside Play
This time is spent playing in the playground. There are also organized games and opportunities to use special equipment.

Story and Closing - Inside
The teacher will excuse each child from circle to his/her parent.

Enrollment Requirements:
All children must be 3 years old upon enrollment and must be able to use the bathroom independently. Children must have all forms completed prior to the 1st day of school.

A sliding scale has been developed with three steps: 5-day-a-week student @ $600 a month, 3-day-a-week student @ $400 a month, or FREE, depending on your family's last quarterly income statement. There are limited free spaces for those eligible in our State Preschool Financial Aid program.

More about the Teachers: Stacey Reynolds and Martha Gagnier

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