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Welcome to Pacific School


Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) 2014-15


Have a very fun summer break and come back ready to begin an exciting year at Pacific.

See you on August 27th!

Pacific School Board
approved the architect's drawing for the new Multi-purpose Room & classroom room. Click here to see.


Pacific's Mission Statement:

Pacific School's mission is to prepare children for life through experiential learning that addresses the needs of the whole child.  We create a safe and secure school environment that promotes social and academic growth and develops an enthusiasm for learning, a positive self-image and cross-cultural understanding.

Our Vision:

The staff of Pacific School is dedicated to addressing the needs of the whole child by creating a school environment wherein every child may experience success in social and academic growth, as well as develop enthusiasm for learning.  Children learn to cooperate and take responsibility for their actions.  They learn to function with a sense of community while maintaining individuality and creative self-expression.  They are treated with kindness and respect, and learn to respect others. The multi-graded classroom environments allow children to become active participants in their own learning process. 

Parents Club Website - all the information you need to help or donate to the school and become part of the school community.

Donating to Pacific School

This year is our Fundraising year!
Money for the school's librarian, music programs, and other needed areas are provided by YOU through the fundraising efforts of Pacific School Foundation. Please click on the Parents' Club link below for information -- our new goal is "skies the limit!"

Also, Did you know that Pacific School can receive money every time you use your Safeway Club and New Leaf Market card? This money goes directly to funding the high quality programs at Pacific School. The more people who sign up, the more money the school has for its arts and music programs.


Take a look at the student-created tiles which you will find around the website. They are part of the beautiful sign erected in 2009 which stands at the entrance to the playground. The arts are still alive here at our school!

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